Andrew R. Solano Receives Executive Circle Award

Andrew R. Solano has received the executive circle award by Long Island Business News. Our firm is proud of his well deserved achievement.

Founded in 1981, Andrew R. Solano is an original partner of Emtec Consulting Engineers, DPC.  As a young entrepreneur Mr. Solano recognized the demands within the nuclear industry and saw a vision for opportunity.   He formed a corporation with three other partners at that time and started gaining interest from local architects in design work. Small residential work grew into commercial projects, and by 1984 Emtec landed their first major job with Mutual of America.

Emtec has built its reputation from the service it provides to its clients. From the 1980s Emtec has worked with all types of industry sectors, completing original design work in house. Mr. Solano states “We have never been a niche company; our work was very diversified, and we still are to this day”. As the firm continued to expand with large fortune 500 companies,  there also began a need to work in other states. Mr. Solano obtained his Professional Engineer’s license in New York State in 1976 and currently holds licenses in 15 states. With their now headquarters in Long Island, New York and an office in New Jersey, the company is expanding their geographical footprint to better serve their clients.

For over 40 years Mr. Solano has been responsible for the overall product delivered to clientele. His supervision both in the field during construction and design phases has strengthened client relations and provides them with ongoing confidence. Mr. Solano has worked with a variety of architects, building owners, contractors, government agencies and townships, some of which he continues to work with to this day. He has supervised more than 4,000 projects for Emtec covering a wide array of electrical and mechanical designs. Mr. Solano has amassed years of experience in supervising small and large engineering design and management of projects in the commercial, municipal, educational, industrial, healthcare, telecommunications and retail areas.

In addition to growing the firm, Mr. Solano has also spent years cultivating a positive and ambitious work culture and looks forward to seeing this culture carried on. He believes in the development and mentorship of young engineers and the success they hold for the future. He himself spent years of field training and reiterates the importance of this skill in his staff. “It’s about always stepping up to the plate when necessary and giving our clients the service they expect”. Mr. Solano is proud his legacy continues, with his son Andrew J Solano recently becoming managing partner of the firm as well as Andrew P. Saggese, PE.  Mr. Solano envisions long term growth with the new partnerships as well as the launch of additional branch offices.