Emtec Consulting Engineers offers full building commissioning for all the systems included in the overall scope of any given project. This includes mechanical, plumbing, electrical, building security, sustainable systems, lighting, controls, building envelopes, fire, life safety, and IT/Telecommunications to achieve the goals of a building owner as designed by the Architecture/Engineering firm. To satisfy the owner’s project requirements the Emtec team generates pre-functional and functional checklists, training programs, and witness’s functional equipment tests, and performs the testing of the systems as the project programs nears completions.


Commissioning (Cx) is a systematic process that ensures all building systems perform interactively according to the design intent and the owner’s operational needs. This is achieved through a complete commissioning process. Beginning at the design phase with documented design and operating intent and continuing through construction and acceptance phases, with actual verification of performance.  

The goal of the process is to ensure that the owners of the building are provided with fully functional systems. Systems that are capable of being operated and maintained in compliance with the project specifications and owner’s needs.  The objectives of the commissioning process are listed below. 

  1. Verify that the building systems are installed and operate in accordance with the contract documents, project specifications, and owner’s operational needs.   
  • Ensure equipment and system reliability.  
  • Optimize equipment operation and efficiency. 
  • Ensure comprehensive and suitable training of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) personnel. 
  • Ensure proper O&M documentation  

New York City has adopted the 2020 Energy Conservation Code requiring certain construction projects perform commissioning on their MEP systems. Emtec provides the full scope of commissioning to satisfy these code requirements. The code requires commissioning to be performed on mechanical, service water heating, renewable energy and storage, plumbing, and lighting control systems. Emtec will ensure compliance with the code and offer additional services that will add value to your project.

Emtec Commissioning
Emtec Commissioning 2

With growing goals for LEED projects, and guidelines by USGBC Emtec works to assist projects in the development of a certified green building through effective design and commissioning.


Our team will assist in identifying the inefficiencies within your building systems, and generate a plan of action for optimizing the efficiency and functionality of your building. With today’s complex systems, and the constant change in space usage our services will enable the owner to maintain flexibility and capture noticeable savings.

  • Meeting the Owners Project Requirements (OPR)
  • Inexpensively prevent or eliminate problems through a proactive systematic approach
  • Verification of the operational functionality of the systems
  • Lowering operating and maintenance costs
  • O&M Documentation & records of project stages and technical design information
  • Code compliance
  • Implementation of sustainability programs
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Fewer change orders
  • Higher system reliability
  • Improved thermal comfort
  • Improved indoor air quality