The Silicon Review, 30 Innovators to Watch 2023

Andrew J. Solano, managing partner of Emtec Consulting Engineers has been recognized by The Silicon Review in their 30 Innovators to Watch 2023 edition.

We believe in a constant commitment to sustainability and look for energy saving opportunities on all our projects” Andrew J. Solano of Emtec Consulting Engineer

Engineering design consultants are essential to many businesses because they offer unique expertise in the planning and execution of engineering projects. The consultants are typically experts in their fields, whether it’s civil, mechanical, electrical, or any other engineering discipline. Their specialized knowledge allows them to bring a high level of expertise to a project, ensuring that the design meets industry standards and regulations. Many engineering design consultants work on projects around the globe, giving local initiatives a worldwide perspective. This global experience can help guarantee that designs are both effective and compliant with international best practices. Globally there are various consultants delivering outstanding services, but Emtec Consulting Engineers stands out from the rest.

In 1981, Emtec Engineers was founded by Andrew R. Solano and three other partners. They recognized a demand within the nuclear industry and took the opportunity to create a corporation. Emtec led the way as one of the first companies to bring multiple disciplines—mechanical, electrical, and plumbing—under one roof, which in turn gained attention from local architects in design work. Small residential work grew into commercial projects, and by 1984, Emtec had landed their first major job with Mutual of America. By the late80’s Emtec had expanded, signing contracts with fortune 50 and 500 companies, leading Emtec nationally beyond New York State.

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