MEP Design and Electric Vehicles


Electric Vehicles (EV) is a concept that has certainly been gaining attention over the last several years. We have seen a movement in EV cars as we all become more conscience of our environment and breathing air.  The cost of fossil fuels are inevitably increasing, alternative solutions have been growing, especially with Tesla becoming a more affordable option. Emtec Consulting Engineers, an MEP design firm is adapting with the future of EV and embraces working collectively with our clients and partners to reach environmental goals and innovative design.


There are benefits to owning electric vehicles.

Financial  – One of the most compelling reasons to switch to Electric Vehicle is costs. No matter where you charge your vehicle across the country it is cheaper than filling your car with fuel.  Electric cars also do not have fuel tanks which saves maintenance costs for all that is involved with typically repairing issues related to that.

Environment – The emissions that are released from cars and trucks on the road are damaging our planet and breathing air. Air pollutants from gasoline and diesel powered engines are filling the air we breathe which can directly have consequences on us. Electric Cars do not produce the same emissions that are going into our breathing air.

Performance – Electric Vehicles are cutting edge when it comes to technology. Tesla and other companies are always looking to be cutting edge with design and acceleration. The automatic transmission means that the rate of change of speed is almost linear. So you can accelerate rapidly and get to the speed you desire.


Long Island is heavily condensed and populated with almost every household owning a vehicle. According to the American Community Survey (ACSI) 72% of Long Islanders are driving to work alone every day contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.  This makes up 28% of Long Island’s carbon emissions.


Along with benefits of driving a cleaner vehicle, New York State has implemented the Drive Clean Rebate program.  This program is eligible for anyone purchasing or leasing a new Electrical Vehicle and provides rebates of up to $2,000.  This rebate is applicable for all New York State residents, businesses and government agencies.


MEP design engineers are crucial in Electric Vehicle charging stations. With EV cars on the rise the amount of charging stations will also be in high demand. Understanding how the EV charging stations impact the building, surrounding areas, and communities, and the amount of power that can be held is where MEP plays a major role. Emtec Consulting Engineers designs many Electric Vehicle charging stations working closely with the installers, contractors and other vendors to put forth the best possible design.

DUE DILIGENCE- Emtec Consulting Engineers provides due diligence to ensure that EV charging stations are built according to code and comply with town regulations. Each building and property is unique requiring a different set of regulations, permits and zoning.

ELECTRICAL DESIGN – Emtec Consulting Engineers carefully designs EV charging stations that best support the large need for power. They consider L2 or L3 chargers at the building itself or sites suitable for installing the power to create clusters of EV charging stations as well as consider the future of expansion.

SITE FEASABILITY – The building itself or space needs to be evaluated to determine if it’s capable of withholding the power necessary for a charging station. This is where Emtec plays a critical role in the process. Some locations are easier to work with than others, while certain ones will require electrical upgrades.