NYSERDA Heat Recovery Program

Harnessing Wasted Heat to Fuel Building Decarbonization

NYSERDA is working to energize the New York State marketplace for heat recovery solutions. Heat recovery turns a problem into an opportunity. Heat Recovery recycles wasted thermal energy, reducing a building’s energy consumption and carbon footprint. Recovering wasted heat – energy that building owners have already paid for – and repurposing it directly at point of use or storing it for later represents a promising approach to large building decarbonization.


NYSERDA Heat Recovery Project Development Program aims to animate the New York State Marketplace for heat recovery solutions by working with consulting engineers to develop a robust pipeline of heat recovery retrofits. Funding is broken down into two categories:


Heat Recovery Opportunity Assessment. Provides cost-share for consultants to assess a property by quantifying the heat that is currently rejected and analyzing the potential to be repurposed.

70% of costs covered, up to $40,000 in funding.


Heat Recovery Project Design. Provides cost-share for consultants to develop an implementation-ready, technically, an economically viable design to implement a heat recovery system in an existing property.

70% of costs covered, up to $80,000 in funding.


Our team of licensed engineers and design professionals are committed to working together with NYSERDA to create sustainable buildings with heat recovery systems. Our collaborative and forward thinking approach will impact the environment and provide opportunity for the funding of costs.


Participating buildings must be located in New York State, served by a New York State Investor-Owned Electric Utility (such as consolidated Edison, National Grid, NYSEG, Orange and Rockland, Central Hudson, or RG&E) and pay System Benefits Charges (SBC). An existing property of any size that falls under the classification of multifamily, commercial, industrial, and/or institutional buildings is eligible. New construction projects are not eligible for this program.