Why Design-Build?

Why Design-Build?

For commercial construction the design-build delivery method has certain benefits over the traditional design-bid-build structure. Traditionally, there are separate contracts for design and construction. The owner of the project manages both contracts with each the designer and contractor handling their own subs.  With design-build, the owner is responsible for only one contract with a “prime” contractor, who would then be responsible for managing all specialty trades and subconsultants. Over the last few years, the industry has seen a significant increase in design-build projects, offering advantages to the building owner.

Reasons to Use Design Build:

One Owner, One Contract

For an owner looking to develop and build a new property, having one contract opposed to many can simplify the process and reduce risk exposure. Having multiple separate contracts for construction and design teams can leave more room for confusion, miscommunication, and additional costs. With one contract comes only one source of accountability, making it easier for the owner.

Increased Collaboration

The key to a successful design-build contract is collaboration. With design-build each vendor on the team is chosen ahead of time, and each vendor is working towards common goals. If an issue should occur, the entire time will collectively need to resolve the issue. A design build contractor will continuously choose a sub-contractor that engages well with all team members.

Project Cost Savings

The design-build approach is a unified technique that ultimately can save an owner significant money. With design and construction coming together, prices are discussed ahead of time. Due to increased collaboration and communication additional design changes are often less needed with little delay time.

How Can Emtec Consulting Engineers assist?

As an MEP/FP/FA design firm, we understand the advantages of design-build contracts. For over 40 years Emtec has built a reputation in the industry for being a collaborative and forward-thinking firm. We offer contractors the opportunity for a successful partnership with an established understanding of the priorities and challenges of the design-build structure . Our team of licensed professionals will work to meet project deadlines and within budgets.